Historic Trinity
Lutheran Church in the City

"God has been good to Historic Trinity Lutheran Church blessing its ministry for over 160 years. We are thankful for the many church members and friends who have passed on to us the great heritage and legacy of Historic Trinity that is today a major parish in downtown Detroit. It is our privilege and honor each day to share in worship, praise, service to God and to others. It is also our responsibility to pass on this legacy to this generation and to generations yet to come. I ask your help at this time for 'Continuing the Legacy.' "

Watch this page for more details on this exciting ministry.

The Continuing the Legacy explains the Campaign is all in its detail.

CTL Testimonials lets you see what various individuals members and friends what Historic Trinity means it to them and why they are part of them in this endeavor.

2014 Lutheran High Schools Legacy Reunion held April 12, 2014, invited people from various local Lutheran High Schools to join together as they continue their legacy.

Mother Church Legacy provides general information about the "Mother Church Legacy" event on September 23. You can also view this pamphlet about this exciting day.

Your Family Legacy. Consider an adopting a case on Historic Trinity in October - November 2012.

Historic Trinity Columbarium Memorial Service on January 20, 2013, invited especially those have someone interred at Historic Trinity.

Historic Trinity Reunion Sunday - March 3, 2013. Celebrate those who have baptized or married at Historic Trinity, or who have individuals in the Columbarium.

Restoring the Legacy Projects - Watch these YouTube videos for more details on how we have been Restoring the Legacy at Historic Trinity.

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