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Rev. Gary Headapohl ~ Dr. John Heins ~ Dr. John Herzog
Lay Assistant: Kevin Lucey

Christmas Eve Worshippers

Who We Are

This page introduces you to the beliefs of the Lutheran Church as well as to the various arms of Historic Trinity Follow the links to see the depth of our ministry and find out "Who We Are."

What we Believe introduces you to the beliefs of the Lutheran Church.

Message from our Pastor is a monthly message from our Pastor, The Rev. Darryl Andrzejewski

Our Location explains where we are located as well as restaurants and other places of interest nearby.

Uniqueness of Historic Trinity shows you what makes Historic Trinity so unique, a one-of-its-kind of church and ministry.

The Pastors Serving the Historic Trinity Cathedral Ministry introduces you to our pastors and shows you their outstanding background and wide range of experience.

Meet the Staff introduces you to each Historic Trinity staff member and provides a description of his/her duties.

Music Director Karl Osterland has been planning our music, directing the Cathedral Choir and the organist at Historic Trinity Cathedral since 1991.

Choirs of Historic Trinity gives information on each of the choirs; The Cathedral Vocal Choir, the Cathedral Bell Choir and the Youth Bell and Vocal Choir.

Officers and Vestry Members introduces you to each Historic Trinity officer and vestry member.

Demographics shows where our members live.

History describes our history as a the Mother Church of Detroit Lutheranism.

Historic Trinity Organization Chart visually demonstrates the many faceted programs of Historic Trinity.

Historic Trinity Lutheran Church details the many opportunities for worship, education, fellowship, and service at our cathedral.

Historic Trinity, Inc. is an extension of the programs and ministry of Historic Trinity Lutheran Church. Follow this link and see the vast extent of its role. Click here to visit Historic Trinity, Inc.'s web site.

Historic Trinity's Cathedral Ministry. Follow this link to gain an insight on what a Cathedral Ministry is and how it works at Historic Trinity.

Cathedral Needleworkers meet periodically to plan items they will make for the Cathedral.

Lutheran Attorneys in Witness (Lutheran Attorneys in Witness) offers a pro-bono response team service to Lutheran parishes, schools, agencies, and district or circuit officials of all synods. Follow this link for additional information about this committee's activities.

Lutheran Veterans meet several times a year and sponsors a Memorial Day Dinner and Christmas get together. Follow this link for more details about their activities.

Parish Nurses are available the second and fourth Sunday of each month at Historic Trinity. See the helpful information they provide.

Lutheran Red and Blue Line consists of Lutheran law enforcement officers, police officers, sheriffs, federal agents, emergency response persons, and fire fighters finding different ways we can all support one another.

Lutheran Educators The Cathedral Ministry Lutheran Educators is a coalition of present and retired educational administrators, teachers, and assistants.

Historic Trinity Senior Citizens Outreach. Follow this link to see how Historic Trinity takes care of Seniors, not only within the parish, but throughout the Detroit community.

Your Support of Historic Trinity is Welcomed explains how you, too, can help support Historic Trinity.

Historic Trinity Endowment Fund. Follow this link to see the types and purpose of the Endowment funds at Historic Trinity.

Downtown Historic Churches Association. Follow this link to learn about this group meeting regularly to provide opportunities for us to see and preserve the downtown historic churches.

Historic Trinity's Chapel of the Resurrection is a place where you can assure a perpetual memory of loved ones. Follow this link for information.

Architecture describes the exterior and interior architecture of Historic Trinity and gives you an opportunity for a virtual tour - including the Eberhard Room.

The Pelican Brief is a new bi-annual newsletter detailing activities at the Cathedral and letting you know how you can be part of them.

The Newsletter is a monthly publication detailing current activities at the Cathedral inviting you to be a part of them.

Media Links

Sculpture of homeless Jesus finds home at Historic Trinity."Whatsoever You Do", by sculptor Tim Schmalz is dedicated, May 22, 2016. Detroit Free Press

"Detroit Pastor's Easter Message: Keep the Faith" A peek inside Detroit's thriving Historic Trinity Lutheran Church is featured in the Easter 2016 Detroit News article.

2016 Easter Sunday Photo Gallery also published in the Detroit News.

LCMS President Dr. Matthew Harrison takes us on an impromptu tour of Historic Trinity Lutheran Church after wrapping up the Lutheran Malaria Initiative press conference in Detroit on June 27, 2011. Dr. Harrison said,

"Historic Trinity is one of the greatest sanctuaries of the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod . Everywhere you turn, there is art and artifacts that take your mind up to the heavens. Before you build a new church , ot upgrade your present church, you need to come and see Historic Trinity Lutheran Church in Detroit. Come here to the place that causes your thoughts to transcend - it tells you divine things are happening here. The Gospel is given to you, and you are sent out to serve."

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