Updated May 20, 2021, based on the CDC recommendations of May 16 that advise the fully vaccinated to “resume activities that you did prior to the pandemic”:



* We will still encourage the sick to stay home.

* We no longer require masks (see CDC link above).

* Social distancing will no longer be required, but we will ease back into full capacity. The pulpit side (left) will be opened up to full seating, while the lectern side (right) will still provide every-     other-row seating for those who are more comfortable maintaining social distance.

* We will sanitize pews, handles, rails, and common areas weekly rather than between each service.

* We will continue to provide hand sanitizer stations at each point of entry.

* Worship folders can be provided by an usher, or picked up at each point of entry.

* We will still ask that offering envelopes are placed in the receptacle at the entrance to the church, or to continue your contributions online or by mail.

* The greeting line will still be suspended until further notice, although the pastors will be more accessible between services.

* We will continue to livestream the 9:30am service.


* We will continue to offer a modified continuous line distribution.

* The pastors will hand sanitize, but will no longer wear face shields.

* The host/bread will still be placed only into the hand.

* The common cup is still suspended until further notice. Only individual cups will be used.

* A touchless hand-sanitizing station is available