These are exciting days as the downtown revival starts to pick back up in Detroit. Historic Trinity is wonderfully positioned to make a significant impact in the ever-changing landscape of big city life:

“The presence of youthful energy and creativity will continue to sustain the growth and strength of cities. According to the Wall Street Journal, approximately 32% of Americans in the Millennial generation live in cities—and 88 percent of them want to… but the people of the world are now moving into the great cities of the world many times faster than the church is.”

~Timothy Keller, Center Church: Doing Gospel-Centered Ministry in Your City

Historic Trinity is here and has been since 1850. Same faith. Same Lord. Same church. But, reinventing ourselves, ready, willing, and able to connect the love of Jesus to the world making its move back into town.

We have started new ministries within the congregation and neighborhood, and have raised $130,000 for community projects on Detroit’s lower-east side. We rejoice in an ever-growing arrival of new visitors, worshippers, and members. Our every-Monday-evening Theology on Tap Bible study is averaging over 50 per week. Great things are happening.

Your prayerful and financial gifts to the ministry of the Lord at Historic Trinity make a huge impact on our capacity to connect with the world around us. This is a unique time for this church in this place. The Lord has blessed us with your partnership! May He continue to use us to bless those around us so that they too may see Jesus!

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