Architects W. E. N. Hunter, Detroit
Don W. Hunter
L. W. Simpson
Architecture Sixteenth Century English
Gothic Pier and Clerestory
Architectural Ecclesiastical Consultants Rev. R. R. Webber, Cleveland
Dr. A. R. Kretzman, Chicago
Dr. Arthur Carl Piepkorn, St. Louis
Dr. Gilbert T. Otte, Detroit
Altar Cross Martin-Gibson Company, Detroit
Altar Paraments A. R. Mowbray of Oxford, England
Altar Stone
Modeled By:
Executed By:
Bottichino Marble of Italy
Parducci Studio
Peter Bernasconi of Batchelder-Wasmund Co., Detroit
Baptismal Font
Made by:
Bottichino Marble of Italy
Gorham Company, New York
Bells John Taylor of Loughborough
Lestershire, England
Candlebra A. R. Mowbray
Oxford, England
Communion Ware A. R. Mowbray
Oxford, England
Contractor Otto Misch Company
Detroit, Michigan
WreckingReinforcing Steel
Structural Steel
Ornamental Iron
Cork Floors
Slate Work – Roofing
Lathing & Plastering
Carpentry Work
Electrical Work
Plumbing & Heating
Louis Garavaglia
Globe Wrecking Company
Truscon Company
Whitehead and Kales
Wolverine Iron Works
Turner Resilient Floors Company
Union Street Metal Works
Aird and Clisdal
George Auch Company
Oswald Leitert
Donahue & Shoebottom
Legget, Doll & Foster Company
Donor Charles Gauss
Historic Designation City of Detroit – 1980
State of Michigan – 1982
National Register – 1983
Lighting Fixtures Martin-Gibson, Company
Detroit, Michigan
Marble Bottichino Marble of Italy
Murals and Fresco Viggo Rambusch
New York, New York
Organ Skinner Company
Boston, Massachusetts
32 ranks
2,126 pipes
Pew Ends Designed by Worth E. Mann
Made by Theodore Kuntz, Cleveland, Ohio
Large Windows Henry Lee Willett
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Small & Office Windows Detroit Stained Glass Works
Stone Variegated
Seamface Granite Trim
Plymouth Massachusetts
Indiana Limestone
Carvings Peter Bernasconi
Batchelder-Wasmund Company
Detroit, Michigan
Tile Mosaic Pewabic Pottery
Detroit, Michigan
Wood Carvings Irving Casson Company
Mr. Kirchmayer of Oberamergau, Crafter
East Cambridge, Massachusetts
Corner Stone Laid Thanksgiving Day, November 28, 1929
Dedicated Ascension Sunday, 1931